Father and Mother Play Equal Role in Guidance of Their Children.

Infect it is a difficult and life time responsibility to being good parents. Parents teach their children throughout their lives.  Father and mother both responsible to make their kid a good citizen. It is not possible to leave  free your child for experiment and learn because without parent’s direction they  can never select right way. Mother plays a big role in a girl’s growth and father’s role is very important in boy’s growth. Mothers regard these golden tips. One of the most important what you want to your daughter to be. You should make her realize that she is not less then anybody. Developing her confidence and trust on her. This is very important to develop the habit of sharing little details and incidents with you. You should treat them as friends and may begin by sharing your own routine. Another very important thing is to develop the ability to take decisions in her. Do not impose your decisions on your daughter. Train her to decide what is right or wrong for her in the long run. In early stage boys are not different but when they are growing up and awareness of being a boy comes, they start changes their attitude. Boys are aggressive by nature but it is necessary to find right way to control over the aggression. Fathers gives them some tasks and competition.

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