Long Kameez and Trousers

Long Salwar Kameez (3)Fashion is changes with the time and culture.Pakistani Fashion trends are changing and the industry in transition state. Number of new brands have been established and lots of talented and skilled fashion designers are work hard to bring always new and stunning collection.Long Salwar Kameez www.She9.blogspot.com (12)The Pakistani Shalwar Kameez is famous in all over the world where Pakistani’s exists they prefer to wear their own cultual dresses especially ladies always prefer to wear shalwar kameez.Long Embroidered Designs (2)According to an estimate  Mostly 92 % Pakistani Girls And Womens prefer to wearing Shalwar Kameez. There are different designs and styles in Shalwar Kameez.Pakistani dresses are known all over the world due to their gorgeous designs.Long Salwar Kameez www.She9.blogspot.com (8) Now a days long kurtas or kameez  with trousers of different styles are becoming popular specially among young girls and women. These long kurtas or kameez can be designed in cotton or other clothes. Long Salwar Kameez www.She9.blogspot.com (2)Here are some goreous and  mindblowing designs of long shirts and trousers.  In this collection most of dresses consists of Shalwar kameez and some is most Kameez patterns are so nice and look a semi frock style but it was being modified.Long Embroidered Designs www.She9.blogspot.com (3)

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